Edison Power SA

Energy Control Specialists

"We did not invent energy, we just perfected it"

Company Profile: 

At Edison Power SA we specialise in the following:

1.  Electrical Engineering and Consultation:
1.1 Project Concept to Completion, Design and Consultation Solutions

2.  Electrical Installations and Contracting:
2.1 Residential, Commercial, Retail and Industrial Installations

3. Utility Management Solutions:
3.1 Prepaid Specialist
3.2 Remote Utility Monitoring
3.3 Energy Management
3.4 Account Analysis and Verification
3.5 Tariff and Power Factor Correction
3.6 Data Measurement and Verification
3.7 Tenant Recovery, Sub-billing and Utility Reporting

Company Introduction: 

Edison Power SA started life as a Meter Reading & Project Management company.
It was transformed into an Full Energy Trading & Utility company as the result of a merger between 3 other major companies.
The Edison Power SA team has more than 20 years combined energy, electrical & sustainable experience.
Headquartered in Strand, with remote offices across South Africa. We select our projects based on a combination of factors, always keeping the client’s needs in mind.
Together we strive to build a company that we can be proud of, every day.

Company Values:

We are totally committed to fulfilling the promises we make to our clients/partners. We can be relied on to provide the agreed product and service on time and according to specification.

We believe that high standards of professionalism should be demonstrated at all times. This is lived out through the competence of our people.

We display high levels of honesty, fairness and integrity in the way we conduct our business. Our business practices are in line with relevant legislation and agreements.
We believe that ethical behaviour will give us an inner peace, better quality of life and will contribute towards our long-term survival and growth.

By undertaking all our projects in a manner that ensures the protection of the environment, we demonstrate our commitment to being an ethical and environmentally conscious group.

We are proud to produce work of high quality, within the programmed time, to standards greater than expected. We adopt the principle of “First Time Right” and are committed to on-going learning and will continuously improve our standards and processes.

In applying ingenuity, innovation and adaptability, we ensure our clients’ needs are met and their expectations exceeded.

Company Manifesto: 

The Edison Power SA Group has a vision to be amongst SA’s leading energy utility companies.

To be professional, ethical, innovative and environmentally sound.

To improve the quality of life through quality & sustainable energy solutions.

In pursuing the highest performance and being a business of first choice, we conduct our business in an open manner. Our strongest assets are our strategic partners and their ability to deliver quality jobs on time within budget.

Edison Power SA believes that excellence can only be achieved by having the right systems in place. Our management systems are fully integrated into all projects and company operations.
We are committed to providing our customers, the community and all our other stakeholders/partners with sound management systems to ensure a high-quality product is achieved through cost effective, timeous means

Company Prospects: 

Edison Power SA is serious about expanding and pursuing large-scale Projects in the Western Cape, South Africa & Internationally.

As a result, we will continue to recruit and invest time and money in our people. It is they who provide the foundation for our growth.   

Moreover, as the industry moves to alliance and joint ventures, we will continue to forge strong working relationships with other well established and professional companies.   

Edison Power SA will continue to communicate its success, build its reputation and consolidate its brand values. This is achieved by promoting our professionalism, experience and technical capabilities.  

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