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Utility Solution Process:

Step 1   Water / Energy Account Analysis / Auditing*
Step 2   Account / Fault Reporting*
Step 3   Site Inspection
Step 4   Solution Installation
Step 5   Online Water and Energy Management*
Step 6   Water / Energy Municipal and Legal Assistance*
Step 7   Continuous Reporting*

*Applicable for 12, 24, or 36 months for the term of the agreed contractual duration

Service Level Agreements: 

Terms: *Applicable for 12, 24, or 36 months for the term of the agreed contractual duration

Prepaid Electricity Metering: 

Edison Power SA - We are able to make your life much easier by offering the following to yourself, Managing Agents, Body Corporate and Home Owners 

Edison Power SA has been in the energy market for more than 15 years. We currently have thousands of pre-paid electricity meters in the market.
We have fantastic references and currently do work for JPS Trust, Trafalgar Property Management, Balwin Properties, and over 39 residential complexes throughout South Africa. We have offices in Cape Town and Tswane
Pre-paid Electricity Meters. (Finance/Rental options available)
Our Meters are approved by all municipalities, Eskom and NERSA and at a fraction of a price that the municipalities Charge. We make sure our experts in our tariff department analyse the account correctly and put the complex on the correct tariff. This means that the controlling body will be able to pass the savings on directly to their tenants, thus making it more desirable to live there and giving the tenants some relief from ever increasing prices
Edison Power SA then collects the pre-paid spend and pays it over to the body corporate /managing agent. We also make sure that the common area is monitored correctly and that the body corporate is billed correctly thus taking away that responsibility from the managing agent.
The process to change to Edison Power SA for pre-paid electricity / water is a very simple one, and with the correct planning, we can ensure a seamless hand over from the current supplier.
The tenants will be able to buy their electricity from the same vendors as they are used to, but with the added bonus of more units for your Rand
We are also able to convert tenants on post-paid electricity to pre-paid electricity should they wish to do so
Please let us know if we can help in any way.

Please note that our quotations, account analysis and site inspections are free.

Edison Power S A now brings you genuine Smart Meters: 

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